About Us

When the going gets tough, visit tripexplorer.com! today's hot deal The world is becoming smaller but planning is getting complicated. Distances are shrinking but traveling is taking longer. Tickets, hotel bookings, sight-seeing, taxi service, local assistance are the myriad issues that take away the pleasures of travel.

As founder and co-founder of Explorer Travel Consultants (on the web tripexplorer.com), Hiren and Sheetal Trivedi have worked in unison to create a brand that is known for its novel services. Over 20 years of combined experience have given them a thorough knowledge of the market & the special requirements of divergent segments.

So, welcome to an interactive world of easy travel.

Tripexplorer.com assists you in planning your most complicated tours from the comfort of your desk. With a vast assortment of data available to provide you with all the information, the world is literally at your fingertips. Easy to access, instant download, very simple booking procedures, and the best deals available make Tripexplorer.com a one stop travel destination.

We believes in personalized service be it in understanding small but significant requirements or arranging for convenient packages. This has helped the agency in bagging and servicing big corporate as well as different ethnic groups.

With the website, Explorer takes one more step towards being closer to its clients.

Click, Call or Come-in and let TripExplorer.com plan your travel worry free!