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At India Rehab Center we believe in every client’s ability to recover. It doesn’t matter where you have been or what you have done. It doesn’t matter how many times you have failed yourself and others, or how many times people have failed you. You are not your past. We will help you find that ability, that drive, to move forward into a life enduring recovery, which will be immensely more rewarding than a life of addiction.

“We believe in you, as a unique individual”. This is not a throwaway statement. It is at the core of everything we do. It is why we are always asking the question ‘is what we are about to do for this particular client, going to enhance or detract from their recovery?’ It is this mind-set, of believing in the uniqueness of the individual, of believing in their right to choose their own path and in the incredible power they have to change, which allows us to tailor make world class, bespoke programs of recovery - for every single one of our clients.

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Why Us

India Rehab Center recognises that family members and those in close relationships with the addict like partners or work colleagues can be deeply affected by another’s drinking or drug use. Family members may feel a sense of helplessness and hopelessness. We urge you to seek support to better cope with your own feelings about another’s substance use. Experience shows that families attempting to battle the issue without substantial professional support may in fact worsen the family situation.

India Rehab Center provides professional, private, world-class treatment programs at our flagship location in india. Our Rehab center is safe, private and confidential. No record of our client’s treatment is on file with third parties. All our staff is bound by non-disclosure agreements, keeping the decision to tell others firmly in our client’s hands.

We adapt the best treatments in the world to help our client’s recover – we do not believe one-size-fits-all. Our innovative approach treats each person as a unique individual, tailoring a personalized recovery program that develops both mind and body.

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We offer personalized drug rehab via a multidisciplinary team of licensed professionals every step of the way.

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Prescription Drug Rehab:

We provide state-of-the-art prescription drug abuse rehab services from common prescription medications.

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Alcohol Rehab:

With our state-of-the-art treatment facility, our guests experience an individualized, holistic approach to alcohol addiction treatment.

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+Are my medical records confidential?

The confidentiality of alcohol and drug dependence patient records maintained by India Rehab Center are protected by federal and state law and regulations. Generally, the program may not say to a person outside the program that a patient attends the practice/program, or disclose any information identifying a patient as being alcohol or drug dependent unless:

  • The patient consents in writing
  • The disclosure is allowed by a court order
  • The disclosure is made to medical personnel in a medical emergency or to qualified personnel for research, audit, or practice/program evaluation.
  • The disclosure is made to the insurance provider for reimbursement purposes

Violation of the federal law and regulations by a practice/program is a crime. Suspected violations may be reported to appropriate authorities in accordance with federal regulations.

Federal law and regulations do not protect any information about a crime committed by a patient either at the practice/program or against any person who works for the practice/program or about any threat to commit such a crime. Federal laws and regulations do not protect any information about suspected child abuse or neglect from being reported under state law to appropriate state or local authorities.

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